Tight Configuration, Small Contaci Gap, Snap Action, High Sensitivity and Small Operating Travel
Long Life, High Reliability
Global Safety Approvals
Variety of Terminals
Wide Range Operating Force(7gf~600gf)
Wide Range Temperature Grade(-40″C~+ 150°C) ,200″C Optional
With Optional PTI Grade(175v,250v,600v)
Variety of Levers
Widely Used in Home e Appliances, Electronic Equipments, Automatic Machines, Communication Equipments, Auto Electronics, Apparatus and lnstrument, Power Tool etc

Caratteristiche Microinterruttori

Operating Speed0.1 mm-1 m/s (Related with actuator forms)
Operating FrequencyMechanical 60 cycles/min; Electrical 15 cycles/min.
lnsulation Resistance≥ 1 00M Q (500VDC)
Contact Resistance≤ 100m Q (lnitial value)
Voltage Res. Between each terminals of the same polarityAC1 000V,50/60HZ, 1 min.
Voltage Res. Between current carrying metal part
and ground and between each terminal
and non-current carrying metal parts
AC1500V, 50/60HZ, 1 min.
Vibration ResistanceDestruction: OF> 1.0N: 1 000m/s2 (approx.100G)max.
OF≤ 1.0N: 400m/s2 (approx.40G)max.
Destruction: OF>1.0N: 200m/s2 (approx.20G)max.
OF≤ 1.0N: 1 00m/s2 (approx.10G)max.
Service LifeMechanical ≥ 10,000,000 cycles or 1,000,000 cycles or 50,000
Service LifeElectrical ≥ 50,000 cycles or 100,000 cycles Depends on Part
Unit Net Weight6.2g Approx. 6.2g (No lever)


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