Small Compact Size
Global Safety Approvals
Long Life and High Reliability
Variety of Actuator and Terminals
High Rating to 10(2)A, 1/4HP
Customized Designs
Widely used in Auto Control, Appliance Control, Industrial Control etc.

Caratteristiche Micro Interruttori a Leva

Rating P1/P11/P12C 0.1A 125/250V 48VDC 5E4
UL: 0.1A 125/250VAC 48VDC
Gold Plated Contact Optional
Rating 05/051/052ENEC 5A 125/250VAC 5(3)A 125/250VAC 5A 30VDC
UL: 5A 1/8HP 125/250VAC
Rating 10/101ENEC 10(2)A 125/250VAC μ 25T125
UL: 10.1A 1/4HP 125/250VAC
Rating 12ENEC: 12 (6) A 125/250VAC μ 40T125
UL: 12A 125/250VAC
Only with 350gf OF
Freq. Electrical
10-30 times/min
Freq. Mechanical
120 cycles/min.
Contact Res. (Initiative)100M Ω Max
lnsulation Res. (at 500VDC)100M Ω Min.
Dielectric StrengthAC 1000V RMS (50-60Hz)
Storage Temperature-25°C ~ +125° C
Storage Humidity85% RH Max
E-life1.000 – 50.000 cycles (Depend on part No.)
M-life1,000,000 cycles


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